Food is Learning: Kid’s Cafés

“After school, I’m usually pretty hungry.”


Kids can’t learn on an empty stomach. Rumbly tummies and headaches make it hard to concentrate on math lessons. When you’re worried about where to find your next meal, long-term goals are impossible to conceive.

One in five Central Florida kids is at risk of going to bed hungry tonight. Hunger can impact their success today and derail their long-term growth and potential.

You make it possible to fight childhood hunger in neighborhoods across Central Florida. When kids started stopping by a community center in Eustis to ask if there was any food or leftover snacks, the staff knew they needed to find a solution.

Through a partnership with Second Harvest Food Bank, kid-friendly meals are available after school and during summer break. Kids like Zach know they can rely on a safe, welcoming place and food to fuel their day.

“After school, I’m usually pretty hungry,” says Zach. He and his friends noticed a Kid’s Café sign outside their neighborhood community center on their walk home from school. Now they stop by regularly.

“I like that the food is free,” he explains. “I can come by, eat with my friends, play basketball and do homework. I like all the food, especially when we have bananas for snack.”

Because of you, kids have access to the healthy, nutritious food they need to learn, grow, and thrive.