Positive change begins by taking action. With volunteers, event supporters and generous donors, Second Harvest Food Bank is feeding inspiration, change, achievement, health — & families facing hunger.

Every action makes a difference.

“I can’t change the world, but I can make it a little better,” says Al DeLio, a volunteer captain at Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida.

Al has volunteered at Second Harvest since 2016, logging over 3,000 hours of service to help his neighbors.

Volunteers like Al perform a variety of essential tasks to help get food to neighbors facing hunger. One project is sorting food donations from grocery stores, warehouse clubs, distribution centers and food manufacturers. Items are inspected to ensure food safety and packaged into boxes for distribution to a network of 625+ feeding partners and ultimately families facing hunger.

“We’re keeping thousands of pounds of good food out of the dumpster and sending it to people who really need it,” explains Al. “And there’s a lot of people that really need help now.”

Another project Al helps with regularly is preparing meals for kids at Mercy Kitchen, Second Harvest’s production facility located a few miles north of the Orlando distribution center.

“This is where kindness meets reality,” says Al. “You can sit at home and write a check to a charity and it goes in the mail and you feel good for some period of time. But here, you’re actually producing something. You can come here for three hours and feed thousands of kids.

How should you get involved?

Hold onto your seat as you explore all the different ways you can fight hunger. Take our action-packed quiz and find your superpower in making a difference!

4 Ways to Get Involved

  1. Volunteer
    Our various volunteer opportunities offer fun and unique ways for individuals and groups! Sign up for a shift.
  2. Take A Food for Thought Tour
    Just us for a one-hour information session and tour of the food bank. Register now.
  3. Start A Virtual Food Drive
    Raising funds to fight hunger is both fun and easy. Start your own online food drive today.
  4. Give A Gift
    Every $10 provides 40 meals, and there are many ways to make an impactful financial gift.

Take the Pledge

Second Harvest Food Bank is committed to fighting hunger but we can’t do this alone. Advocacy is a crucial part of hunger relief, and we are advocating for programs and policies at all levels that get food and nutrition for our neighbors facing hunger.

Join us by signing the pledge to fight hunger, and use your voice to make a difference.

Your $10 gift provides 40 meals to children, families, and seniors experiencing hunger.