Food is Medicine: Robin’s Story

“To be honest, I usually don’t have much left after paying for medications and rent.”


Food is directly related to health and well-being, whether it’s a butternut squash or a hamburger. Unfortunately, kids, families, and seniors trying to stretch a limited budget often remove fresh, healthy food from their shopping carts replacing them with calorie-dense and nutritionally-deficient foods. This approach might keep food in the pantry, but it can lead to chronic, diet-related diseases.

Your support of Second Harvest Food Bank helps increase access to fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, and dairy products to provide well-rounded meals for our neighbors facing difficult financial choices, like Robin.

“To be honest, I usually don’t have much left after paying for medications and rent,” she explains. Robin lives in a small apartment. She doesn’t drive due to a disability, and she can only afford a few groceries on her limited income.

She looks forward to special deliveries twice a month thanks to you. Through Second Harvest’s Bring Hope Home program, Robin receives perishable and nonperishable food delivered to her doorstep. When she opens the door, she exclaims, “Thank you, so much!” even if the delivery driver has already continued on his route.

Inside the boxes, she finds low-sodium beans, brown rice, and other pantry staples that help build complete meals. She also receives fresh produce, which is her favorite.

“Everything is something I can — and should — eat,” explains Robin. “I didn’t know there were so many different kinds of squash. I love them all and have learned to cook new dishes too.”

This is the healing and restorative power of food that you make possible.